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Hockeyland: A Hockey Adventure in Minecraft

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Seeding the love of hockey with Gen Z audiences means meeting them where they like to play.

Tasked with seeding hockey fandom in Gen Z gamers, Sportsnet approached Media Monks who put us onto the idea of building a map within the game of Minecraft. The game is highly popular among males and females ages 6-17 with over 140 million monthly users and an average of 3 million users online at any given time. It’s also a very creative adventure game, making it a great space to find something fun and unique to enjoy – even for users who may know very little about the game of hockey. Director Hilding Gnanapragasam discussed our intentions further in an article for Strategy.

Hockeyland won Gold at the 2023 Promax North America Awards in the Digital & Social category for Technical Innovation: Digital Platforms.

“We are not just assuming that every Canadian is going to grow up being a hockey fan as some kind of birthright."

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