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Champions of Rec League

A collaboration between the Beer Store and SN590 the Fan, we documented the final contest to create a fun and epic content piece featuring legendary Toronto broadcaster Joe Bowen.

A collaboration between Sportsnet 590 the Fan and the Beer Store, The Champions of Rec League is a contest tournament where rec league teams compete for a chance to play a game in the old Maple Leafs Garden and have their game broadcast over the radio. The players were thrilled to hear their name called by legendary broadcaster Joe Bowen, who pulled no punches when making light of the level of play.

"38 years of doing NHL hockey and it's come to this." -Joe Bowen

We were tasked with documenting the event and creating a sizzle reel. Going beyond expectations, we covered the event from all sides giving the participants something to look back on while building brand equity for SN590 and the Beer Store.

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