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United by Sport - Game On

As sports made it's return after COVID-19, the landscape of the world and the game had changed.

In 2020, the COVID19 pandemic abruptly ended all major sports season's, it wasn't til several months later they began to return. However, a series of injustices brought the Black Live Matter movement to the forefront of popular news and culture. A new UBS spot confronted this landscape as we hyped audiences for the return to play.

"We definitely will not shut up and dribble" -Lebron James

Lebron James famous statement "We definitely will not shut up and dribble" actually precedes this moment by a year or more, but the murder of George Floyd ignited the public consciousness to the all-to-common injustices that people of colour face. With this context, how do we excite fans for the return of sports? We were determined not to ignore the reality of the moment, or position sports as a distraction. They are a platform that many athletes used to speak their truth.

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