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SN Hockey Predictor / Predict the Playoffs

Conceived of as a Watch-and-Win contest for the Playoffs, the Predictor was adapted into a season-long contest for Dodge Ram featured weekly on Hockey Night in Canada.

You can't predict the Stanley Cup Playoffs ... or can you? This second-screen contest adapted MegaPhone TV, a 3rd party live tv polling technology, and repurposed it as a prediction contest to keep viewers watching the games. Extra incentive was provided by nightly prizes and a grand prize. With viewers stuck at home during COVID, it was a great way to drive engagement and traffic to our Sportsnet App.

With fans stuck at home, we took the opportunity to launch the new contest as a second-screen experience, letting fans make predictions about live games for entries into a grand prize draw for $50,000 or a nightly draw of $1000

This contest increased SN app downloads, increased fan engagement, and resulted in a new product sold to Dodge Ram by the Sportsnet Sales team.

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