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Matt Dumba's Ultimate Stanley Cup Commercial

Minnesota Wild star Matt Dumba takes Sportsnet on an unpredictable and heartwarming rollercoaster ride through his imagination as we animate his ultimate Stanley Cup commercial.

This social play and tv spot showcase the athlete’s personality and creativity while promoting Sportsnet’s coverage of 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The video was amplified by Dumba's and the NHL's Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

That's one small step for Stan.

Heading into the NHL Player Media Tour, I was looking for content to animate, so I asked each player to give me their ultimate Cup commercial. Matt Dumba did not disappoint, providing a mind blowing narrative that takes the Cup where it's never been before and then bringing it back for a good old fashioned family cookout. Based on Matt’s description we felt that the whole spot required fluidity to move from one scene to the other. Based on our first animatic we quickly decided it would have to be a combination of frame by frame animation and flat shaded 3D. Once we’ve illustrated each scene we’ve engaged our friends at Blirp Studio to help us bring it life.

The spot also marks the beginning of a new content series called the Sportsnet Athlete Creator Series (SNACS).

Agency: Rogers Sports & Media VP Creative Director: Jason Harding Design Director: Bart Sciana Director Broadcast Creative: Hilding Gnanapragasam Producer: Robert Lendrum Creative Director: Julius Manalo Illustration: Cam Miller, Fannie Lam Art Direction: Fannie Lam Editor: Jason Dunning

Animation: Blirp Studio

Sound Design: Bartel Audio

Special Thanks: Stephan Antoniou for additional animation work

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