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Hockey is... Everywhere

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

NHL on Sportsnet 2021 launches with a new campaign that reminds us that hockey is actually fun! and can be played anywhere by anyone.

This year's campaign for the NHL on Sportsnet breaks with tradition and focuses on fun, player personality, and individuality - promoting the game everywhere for everyone.

Even in the summer, Canadians play hockey in some shape or form. Let's take hockey out of the arena and celebrate the game, the skill and the individuality of those who play it.

We looked to content creators who showcase their skating, trick shots and unbelievable skill to add some youthful energy and attitude as we built up anticipation to puck drop. Besides being featured in the television spots, we cut individual social videos for each Creator to showcase themselves.

The Look

Our design team pushed us into a new look that is urban, dynamic and fun - using a variety of approaches to typography, collage, colour and cartooning.

See more of the campaign here.

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