AVATAR (2009-10)

Live performers are transformed into robotic puppets that respond to their user’s instructions and desires.

Living Documents

Living Documents is an exhibition that brings together a number of projects; Identity Report, Audition, Impostor, and Family Re-semblance.


A multi-screen video installation where a series of small LCD screens play video reconstructions of actual family photographs.

I've Been Shot (2007)

I’ve Been Shot is a video installation that examines the macho performance of agony through the cinematic form of “the take”.

Dudes (2008)

Jacqueline van de Geer interprets the responses to the question “What are Robert’s pronounced traits in situations with only heterosexual men”.

The chipmunks (2006)

My “impostor” Jacqueline van de Geer tells an improvised story from my childhood. The piece provides a sincere and humourous look at issues of identity, memory and authorship.

my commonly used phrases (2006)

Jacqueline van de Geer finds new and interesting ways to annunciate common phrases of a twenty-something North American male,  unhinging them from their context.

my favorite jokes (2006)

Jacqueline van de Geer attempts to concoct a stand-up routine based on a list of my personal favorite jokes. The result is both painful and hilarious at the same time.

the Audition (2006-9)

Actors responding to an audition call for the role in an experiment art video were sent a copy of an elaborate market research report depicting my identity in a series of graphs, charts and lists.

Identity Report (2006)

The Identity Profile is an elaborate online market research report focused on my identity - a doomed attempt to map my "habitus".