The Audition

Video, 2006-9
Part of the Impostor series + Living Documents installation

Actors responding to an audition call for an experiment art video were sent a copy of the Identity Profile, an elaborate market research report on my identity, via email. From this profile they were asked to create an interpretation of what they read. I communicated with each actor through a fake name and a new email account I created for the project. When the actors arrived at the rented studio at Oboro Gallery in Montréal, I was in full costume as my alter ego, Ben Reilly. I decided to hide my true identity because I thought the actors would be able to tell that I was the subject of the Profile and I felt this might change their performance or make them feel overly uncomfortable.

Originally shot in 2006, the video was not cut and exhibited until 2009.

To purchase or rent a copy of My Favorite Jokesplease contact Robert Lendrum or Vtape.

Director of Photography: Cate Cadbury
Editor: Robert Lendrum