Home of Hockey

Rogers Creative for Sportsnet, 2017-19

To further brand attribution of NHL properties to Sportsnet, a new campaign with a simplified tagline was launched across all platforms. On the broadcast side, we focused on driving attribution by connecting NHL Stars and our talent directly to Sportsnet through visuals or personality spots.

In 2018-19, the season kicked off with a hype spot, followed by the "Multiplex" spot that connected NHL Stars with a bevy of Sportsnet's offerings. Using footage shot in an SN dressing room, 5-10 second brand IDs were cut as well as youtube bumpers. Talent spots showcasing the knowledge and access of our talent were rolled out throughout the year.

In 2017, an earlier version of this approach was executed and evolved throughout the year.


2019 Promax North America Awards Bronze - Best Use of an Athlete - "Home of Hockey - Multplex"