Family Re-semblance

Video Installation, 2008

Family Re-Semblance is a multi-screen video installation where a series of small LCD screens play video reconstructions of actual family photographs. The videos are long-take duration performance in which each actor performs stillness. They are then seamlessly looped and played through small screens disguised with typical photo frames. In each image, I am costumed as one of my family members – a family riddled with divorce. When I impersonate certain members of my family, I am playing on a surface that is not necessarily of the same genetic heritage and yet these people still inform the lineage of my family. Installed together, each of these videos take on an eerie quality that is almost zombie-like; an apt metaphor for these recreations of moments past.

Performances: Robert Lendrum, Jacqueline van de Geer, Adèle Charlebois, Rachel McKay, Stacey Lundeen
Director of Photography: John Londoño, Vincent Lafrance, Stefanie Brantner
Editor: Robert Lendrum
Set Director: Zahra Peal
Technical Design: Robert Canali
This project is produced with the financial assistance of the Ontario Arts Council.