Doug and the Endless Forest

Documentary, 30 min, 2014
Doug and the Endless Forest (2014) is a documentary about my father, Doug, and our relationship as we reflect on his past as a restaurant owner, his decision to start a farm, and his current preoccupation with “cleaning up” his forest which was devastated by the 1998 ice storm. The film draws upon a novel by Toronto writer Mary Shaver as a window into my Dad’s past. In the book entitled A Woman Alone (1979), the main character Julie, visits my father’s restaurant Humdrum’s. My Dad only makes a brief cameo in the book, however through cross-cutting between the reenactment of the book and an interview with my father, we learn that the novel is only thinly veiled fiction and it holds a special place in my Dad’s heart. The reenactment’s campy facade unravels into a scene of confession between father and son where some difficult truths are unearthed.

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A film by Robert Lendrum
Music Michael Brown
Soundmix Armen Bazarian
"A Woman Alone" scenes:
Julie: Natalie Mathieson
Stella: Emma Wardle
Jonathan: Robert Lendrum
Billy: Graham Scholes
Jossana: Eliza Kinsella
Director of Photography Adam Makarenko
Sound Recording James Lazarenko
Costume and Props Mystica Cooper